Important Information

1) Please READ the operating instructions before using the device for the first time.

2) Please observe the instructions contained in the Operating Instructions.

3) Please consider all warnings.

4) MAKE SURE that all power connections (extension cables and the connections between the device components) have been made properly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Before making or changing the connections, power off the device and unplug the mains connection plug.

5) If you have any doubts regarding the installation, operation or safety of the device, please REFER to the vendor.

6) BE CAREFUL with glass panels and covers on the device. The screen glass may break and cause serious injuries if something hits it.

7) To ensure adequate ventilation, please leave a clearance area of at least 10cm around the television. This clearance prevents the TV from overheating and consequently causing damage.

• Using the device in dusty environments should also be avoided.

• Never block the slots and openings by placing the TV on a bed, sofa, pillow or other similar surfaces.

• Never install the TV into closed places such as bookcases or cabinets unless adequate ventilation is provided.

8) DO NOT COVER the ventilation openings of the device with items such as newspapers, tablecloth, curtain, etc. Overheating causes damage and shortens the service life of the device.

9) Your TV may be damaged if you place it under direct sunshine or close to a heater. Please abstain from using the product in very hot or humid locations or in places where the temperature is likely to decrease below 5°C (41°F).

DO NOT PLACE on or near the device any hot objects or items with open flame such as candles or any night lamps. The high temperature can melt plastic parts and cause a fire.

Helpline No.

UK/Northern Ireland 0845 850 4114

Rep. Ireland 0818 332 890

10) Never operate electrical devices close to water. Operating such devices, for example, near a bathtub, washbasin, kitchen washbasin, washing basin, wet basement and swimming pool can cause fire or electric shock.

Do not allow your TV to get wet. Never pour any liquids onto the TV.

• Do not operate your TV if any solid or liquid substance enters into it. This can cause electric shock and your TV may be damaged. Have it checked immediately by qualified personnel.

• Keep flammable materials and open flame sources (such as candles) away from TV in order to avoid risk of fire.

11) DO NOT USE headphones at extremely high volume levels since this may cause permanent loss of hearing.

12) Operate your TV only in the 230 V 50Hz voltage range. Use the AC power cable supplied with the product. If your TV is a grounded (Class I) product, then it must certainly be connected to a grounded socket.

• The socket into which you plug in the AC power cable or the adaptor must be within easy reach.

• Unplug the device in order to disconnect it from mains power. Note: If your device has an adaptor, then use the adaptor and AC power cable supplied with your product. Do not use defective sockets. Make sure that the plug is firmly inserted into the socket. If the plug remains loose, then it can cause fire due to arcing. Refer to an electrician to have your socket replaced.

13) Make sure that the power cable is not stepped on and that there is no bending at the plug sections, plug heads and device output point.

14) Use only the add-ons/accessories specified by the manufacturer.

15) Use only together with the carts, bases, tripods, brackets or stands specified by the manufacturer or sold along with the product. When using a cart, pay attention that it won’t overturn while carrying the cart/device combination and cause injuries. The device must be fixed to the floor or wall as indicated in the installation instructions in order to avoid any possible damages. Place your device on a level surface.

16) Unplug the power cable during thunderstorms or when you will not use your device for a long period of time.

17) Consult authorised service personnel for service requirements. Never attempt to repair the device yourself. Opening the cabinet can expose you to dangerous voltages or other hazardous situations. Service is required in situations such as damage to the power cable of the device or its plug, water spills or substances falling into the device, if the device is subjected to rain or moisture, it does not operate normally or it is dropped.

18) Wipe the TV cabinet clean with a soft and dry cloth. Wipe dust from the screen gently with a soft cloth. Stubborn stains can be cleaned with a cloth slightly moistened with soap and lukewarm water. Never use solvents such as thinner or gasoline for cleaning. Unplug the AC power cable from the socket when cleaning the TV. Otherwise, there is the risk of electric shock.

19) Do not dispose of the batteries in fire.

Do not short circuit, dismantle or overheat the batteries. There is the risk of explosion if the batteries are not replaced correctly. Replace only with the same or equivalent type batteries.

Note 1: This is a Class A product. During operation, the device can cause radio interference. In this case the user may have to remedy this. Please contact your specialist dealer.

Note 2: Electromagnetic fields can cause temporary performance degradation. This can be distinguished as noise in the image.

20) Disposing of the exhausted batteries:

• Dispose of the exhausted batteries in accordance with the local laws and regulations in order to protect our environment.

21) Do not dispose of your TV with regular household waste. Observe local laws and regulations for disposal.