1.Television powers up but there is no picture

Check aerial connection to the television

2.The picture freezes when I’m using Digital

Weak or interrupted aerial signal, switch to analogue and check the quality of the picture – if the picture is poor you may require an aerial upgrade.

3.Snow on picture

Signal problem - see question 2 above

4.The sound drops out or crackles

Signal problem - see question 2 above

5.Picture breaks up into small coloured squares

Signal problem – see question 2 above

6.I get a picture but no sound from my DVD, VCR or Games console

Loose scart connection on the TV or peripheral equipment – check scart connection at both ends.

7.I get sound but no picture from my DVD, VCR or Games console

Loose scart connection – see question 6 above

8.The picture is changing size.

Select aspect in auto format – reset to wide 16:9

9.The picture is oversized

The screen format is incorrect – reset via the menu

10.The picture is black at each side

The screen format is set to 4:3 – reset to 16:9

11.The is no sound coming from the TV

Check the mute button is not pressed – also see question 6 above

12.The picture has a double image or ghosting

Problem with the aerial connection or signal strength – check connection

13.No remote function

Check the batteries are in the correct way round or change batteries.

14.Remote won’t change channel

Check the correct mode is being used, Digital or Analoue or Ext – also see question 13 above.

15.Television switches into standby

Check the sleep or Off timers are not set – refer to user instructions

16.I only get sound from one speaker

Check the balance setting in the audio menu

17.Picture is either too bright or too dark

Check the brightness and contrast setting in the picture menu.

18.The television is stuck in standby

Check the remote is working ok – see question 13 above – also try using the program buttons on the TV